Is the tech industry measuring the right things?

Within BBC R&D, the Human Values team has been thinking about how we define success in the digital era in ways that complement measures of audience numbers or time spent online.  We have created a range of measures that look at the impact of digital services on people, assessing how they might support their personal […]

Values not eyeballs: a framework for public service digital media

Javier Ruiz is a consultant working on the interaction of technology, policy and human rights. He is the former policy director of the Open Rights Group and was a principal investigator in the EU Horizon 2020 project Values and Ethics in Responsible Technology in Europe (VIRT-EU). We have asked him to look at the Human […]

Psychometrics for Human Values: a new way to measure success and value

We have embarked on an empirical investigation to understand what people value in the digital age.