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Using the Human Values framework to support employee development

It’s often perceived that in the workplace we must put certain aspects of our personalities and needs to the sidelines and knuckle down to hard graft. It can also be the case that we disregard our own wellbeing (or we allow this behaviour to go unchallenged in colleagues) in the pursuit of workplace goals. This […]

Does the human values framework translate to design practice?

Over the last three years BBC R&D has been exploring the importance of human values like connecting to others, pursuing pleasure, and achieving goals. We want to understand how these core human values could help the BBC and others create experiences that are meaningful and positive for audiences, and we have developed a framework for […]

Being healthy and safe: values during a pandemic

As the world confronts its first major pandemic of the digitally-connected age, we assess what is fundamentally important to people at this time of crisis.

Psychometrics for Human Values: a new way to measure success and value

We have embarked on an empirical investigation to understand what people value in the digital age.

Digital Wellbeing

Researching the needs of our audience to understand their values in an on-demand, personalised and fully connected world.